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more on groceries

May 4th, 2008 at 06:34 pm

Just went and spent most of my May budget for groceries, but have enuff food in my house now to sink a battleship and shouldnt need to go near a supermarket now except to get some bread wen i run out.. and mite see if i can get my bf to bring some over one day wen he comes to visit later in the month.

so today spent $69 at Coles (got a few treats for the month including some mint choc chip ice cream, 2x 250g blocks of Belguin Chocolate for $4, some corn chips and nachos topping and cheese and sour cream for nachos for dinner one night)

the rest was some staples, pasta sauces and mixed veg, some tins of stuff for meals, vegemite

spent $30 at Aldi, got 2 milk powders, some sausages, potato chips, corn flakes, some little pies for a treat for my DD, some pasta, eggs

So today I spent $69 at Coles and $30 at Aldi, total $99.

$99 + $13 = 112

left for month $18

Mite start entering my menu plan on my blog.. though tonight I'll be having dinner at work, as I havent yet got enough food cooked to take with me.

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