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busy day

May 9th, 2008 at 01:57 am

Had a busy day today.

I had a staff meeting at work at 9.30am this morning, that went til 11.30. Then we went to the shops and i had to return some track pants i had bought my DD that were too small. Then my bf shouted me lunch at the shopping centre. Then I boguht myself two pairs of flannelette pjs which actually fit me, as opposed to the numerous pairs I have that are way too big.

Then went looking for some navy tights for my DD, which took 3 shops to find. Also bought my cat a new collar coz she lost hers and her Council and microchip tags somewhere ..

So got back home about 2.30 and then had to call my pay office from work, as they had mucked up my sick leave pay/credits from last fortnight.

Picked my DD up from school and took her to a local tennis centre session for $2.

We've had tea, bath/shower and now I'm pooped.

Have to work two 11 hour shifts tomorro and Sunday.. so I'll be knackered by Sunday night.

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