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day off, but not much of a break..

May 11th, 2008 at 02:18 pm


I dont have to work for the next two days, but im still very busy. I have a few jobs to do in town, and my dad is coming over to help me with my lawns now we got my mower fixed up.. it was on warranty, so cost me nothing.

Im also tidying my house and trying to make it safe for a toddler, a bigger job than i thought..lol.
Tonight my niece is coming over to stay the night and for dinner. we have to pick her up after she finishes Uni.

My bf is also coming over to stay the ngiht after tea as he is going to the gym first before coming over.

Tomorro i have my sister in law coming over to visit with her new baby (my nephew whom I haven't yet met), hence the reason for the toddler proofing..

busy day for me and hardly any time for a rest...bugger as i need it too, im really tired. well maybe tomorro arvo..lol

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