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decluttering, a never ending battle..

May 14th, 2008 at 06:16 pm

I'm still motivated to clean up, declutter and actually have a place for everything in my house..etc, but I seem to have lost my inspiration.. please help me find it!

I just want to declutter every spare minute I have at home, which I think makes me more anxious and a little unsettled about being home, and also stressed. How can I find the balance I need?

9 Responses to “decluttering, a never ending battle..”

  1. Nika Says:

    I know what you mean - I also have this desire. It is not easy.
    I did my bathroom last weekend - every nook and tile, cleaned it to almost OR standards, and threw away everything I am not using currently. It is a pleasure to be there. It is tiny but feels more spacious now.

    It is harder with other rooms - I feel guilty adding to the landfills with things that are perfectly ok, but I just don't need.

    And I will never buy this much crap again!

  2. creditcardfree Says:

    Sometimes it is in the down times, when we are relaxing that we find inspiration. A new idea will come to you on how to arrange your furniture, or you'll remember a few things to get rid of and even a new place to put just the right item. Give yourself time and patience with the decluttering! It sounds like you are doing so well already.

  3. Kym Says:

    Sometimes the problem is, that we have nowhere to put stuff. I buy those big plastic draws from Crazy Clarks to put things away in. They are easy enough to move and fit anywhere.

  4. honeichild Says:

    I totally understand. One day at a time, seriously. You just have to pick a space and for an hour or however much time you allot, attack that paper! Are you familiar with Fly Lady?

  5. reflectionite Says:

    have you tried selling some things you are decluterring on ebay? i feel the same way about having more space and less things (unfortunately my boyfriend does not! he likes his 'stuff' everywhere) so occasionally i go through everything and either give some to the op shop or sell it on ebay. I've made nearly $200 on ebay just this month Smile that's my inspiration!!!

  6. gotthedeclutterbug Says:

    Ive sold some clothes on ebay before, but really i dont have anything left of value, to bother trying to sell... then if they dont sell you still have to pay money for fees and get rid of it.. doesnt seeem worth it unless its something really good.

  7. gotthedeclutterbug Says:

    Kym i already have some of those plastic drawer sets, 3 of them in fact, and a few large plastic tubs.. also all full of 'stuff' lol. Hence the reason Im decluttering..

  8. luxlivingfrugalis Says:

    Can you make a short list of what you think decluttering will do for you?

    Have some tea and relax. It's okay to have an off day or two or six and then back to the trenches!!

  9. Aleta Says:

    After I read your blog last week, it inspired me to do some of my own decluttering. My bathroom was becoming a source for everything on the ledges including the decorative items. I went in there and took a basket off that I kept my items in and threw out some of the stuff and the rest went into the the little gold bucket and put under the sink. I also cleaned out alot of the excess under my sink cabinet. Now, I just have a few items on the sink and the ledge that is attached and it is so much easier to clean. I find that when I don't have many things on a surface that it is more inspiring for me to clean and dust.

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