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mortgage, super, gardens and headaches...

September 12th, 2012 at 09:45 pm


Yesterday I spent most of the day looking at my superannuation, and in Australia its much different to your American systems.

Organising for everything to be put into one super fund so as to maximise earnings from here on in. I havent got a lot of super at this stage, so did a simulated calculator and it works out how much you should be able to save, based on current age, total in super account and annual income.

If I can manage what I worked out yesterday, whilst working part time hours, and contributing just $300 a year, and a one off payment sometimes in my 50s, Ill own my house outright and have some super funds and be entitled to a part pension. I think I can live with this.. as this is just the low end of the deal.. If I work hard, I mite be able to save more.. heres hoping. Do still want a life too, hence not working my butt into the ground.

Ive had a sore shoulder for the past few days and now today ive got a nasty headache.. grr. Used to suffer from headaches all the time but havent been having many for a long time, so now it really affects me.

On the vegie garden front, my peas have taken a battering from the wind, but my cabbage, brocolli and cauli seedlings are growing well.. the capsicums are finally up but tiny and my tomatoes are taking their time but getting there..

3 Responses to “mortgage, super, gardens and headaches... ”

  1. Jerry Says:

    I am wondering how health insurance is covered on the Aussie scheme for retirement? My parents have had a lot of trouble with their benefits since entering retirement, and I think they would move someplace else if not for the grandkids... that is mainly what leads them to stay put. How do things work Down Under in that regard?

  2. Doll Says:

    Im so glad to find your website, I lived in 1800 sg ft home. I too, am very tired of the access. I want to lived without clutter. Thank you for sharing your journey with all of us.

  3. gotthedeclutterbug Says:

    thanks Doll.
    Jerry, if we want private health insurance we pay for it, otherwise everyone is covered generally for most things in the public hospital system, whilst it may not always be perfect, they dont turn very sick people away from hospitals here.
    Its quite different in the US though.

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