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3 years later and im back lol

August 30th, 2012 at 06:38 am

Hi there.. after a big absence, Ive decided to rejoin savingsadvice and continue with my old blog..

Hope there are still a few people I remember from years ago on here.

Currently still working in the same industry I was, part time on less hours than I used to, and work continues to be hard one day, ok the next lol

Still struggling with clutter, only this house is worse than my old one was.. so Im in the process of getting some built in wardrobes built and trying to get rid of excess stuff (there's still way too much). So sometimes I don't feel like I've gotten anywhere, but I know just how much stuff has left this place in the last 3 years.. just wish it looked like it.. lol. Who else has this problem?