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3 years later and im back lol

August 29th, 2012 at 11:38 pm

Hi there.. after a big absence, Ive decided to rejoin savingsadvice and continue with my old blog..

Hope there are still a few people I remember from years ago on here.

Currently still working in the same industry I was, part time on less hours than I used to, and work continues to be hard one day, ok the next lol

Still struggling with clutter, only this house is worse than my old one was.. so Im in the process of getting some built in wardrobes built and trying to get rid of excess stuff (there's still way too much). So sometimes I don't feel like I've gotten anywhere, but I know just how much stuff has left this place in the last 3 years.. just wish it looked like it.. lol. Who else has this problem?

5 Responses to “3 years later and im back lol ”

  1. North Georgia Gal Says:

    Welcome Back!

  2. snafu Says:

    Welcome back and good on you for recognizing the problems and making a decision to resolve it. If you tell us the areas that bother you most, we can offer suggestions that might help.

    In our home we implemented a couple of rulz, that moved us forward quickly. For example, when anything new comes in, something old, of similar size must leave. The unanticipated benefit was almost elimination of impulse buying because those new black shoes on sale at such a good price point meant I'd have to purge and existing pair of black shoes...uhmmmm NO. If it's not on the list we rarely buy and spend significantly less.

    Rule 2 was to conquer the Paper Monster. We don't let unaddressed mail beyond the door. Re-purposed an attractive umbrella holder into a paper re-cycle bin right near the door. New magazine/catalog arrives - old one goes read or not! Stopped subscriptions that we don't have time to read. Newspaper goes to re-cycle bin at the end of every day. Shove all receipts into an empty tissue box. It's a jumble in their but if you need a particular receipt, you know where to look. Between iPad and Kindle...few new books. Twice a year existing books go to a charity sale event or consignment store if they haven't been looked at for a long time.

    Wish you well on de-cluttering plan...go for it!

  3. gotthedeclutterbug Says:

    thanks Snafu.

    Its a huge work in progress. I'm thinking of the one in one out rule, as Im good at buying on impulse.. lol, but also, I decided that for the month of September, I would declutter 10 things a day.

    Also what works well for me is having no spend and no shops days.. have had 2 in a row this week, so thats a great achievement, given ive been spending all over the place lately

  4. Jerry Says:

    Welcome! I know that when I was getting stuff out of our garage (OK, not exactly cluttered, but definitely full) it seemed to lead to an eternity before it felt like we made any progress... even when I knew that we had given away or packed a TON of stuff! Don't give up, just keep at it and the forward progress will give you some insurance of seeing the results with time. REALLY, it will! Wink Jerry

  5. gotthedeclutterbug Says:

    lol Thanks Jerry! I know it will eventually help overall, but sometimes its a bit depressing looking at lots of clutter and feeling like your not getting anywhere.

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